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AHS Coven - Witchy Boots

Once the calendar hit September 1st, I immediately started thinking about Halloween. I know, I’m as bad as stores that put Halloween products out in August. But Halloween! #cantstopwontstop Everyone is talking about fall fashion, but to me fall equals witchy style. I can’t help it! Halloween is my favorite holiday. So it might still technically be summer, but I’m dying to get my style freak on and ain’t nobody gonna stop me. Can I get a ‘Hocus Pocus’?!

I want to talk to you about witchy boots. Witchy lace up boots, if we’re being specific. Listen, I know there are a billion gorgeous boots out there. I could easily talk about boots non-stop for the next few months, but witchy boots? That’s a whole different level, combining two of my favorite things. Plus I am on a mission to add a pair of sexy, witchy boots to my boot arsenal. So today I’m spreading the wealth by showing you what amazing witchy lace up boot styles are out there.

Madison Montgomery AHS gif - Witchy Boots

What exactly qualifies as witchy boots? Lace up tends to be the first thing I think of. Black. And if not black then burgundy or wine colored. I tend to prefer suede, although leather makes them look a little more badass witch than romantic, classic witch. They can be booties or tall boots, even over the knee if you’re feeling extra dramatic. They have to look like they belong in The Craft. Think good ‘ol 90’s fashion. Chunky or stiletto heel works. A good barometer? Madison Montgomery from Season Three of AHS should want to wear them. If you’re still reading this post I assume you are a fan of witch pop culture and know what I’m talking about. It also means we should be friends.

Ivanka Trump 'Regal' Lace Up Boot - Witchy Boots

Ivanka Trump ‘Regal’ Lace Up Boot – Between these and the BCBGeneration leather booties, I don’t know which are my favorite. I own Ivanka Trump boots, I know they’re quality, and sexy. So I might be sold right here because these scream witchy.

ASOS EDDIE Suede Pointed Lace Up Boots - Witchy Boots

ASOS EDDIE Suede Pointed Lace Up Boots – They barely count as lace up boots, the very fact that they are called lace up boots is silly, but they’re hot. Fire hot. Blood red hot. And that stiletto with that pointed toe is wonderfully witchy.

BCBGeneration 'Banx' Lace-Up Bootie - Witchy Boots

BCBGeneration ‘Banx’ Lace-Up Bootie – Like I said with the first boot, this is a fantastic witch style boot. Classic. It’s very Sally and Gillian Owens on the roof with their brooms and hats ready to fly.

Vince Camuto 'Felana' Over the Knee Boot - Witchy Boots

Vince Camuto ‘Felana’ Over the Knee Boot – If you have the gumption to pull off a pair of witchy over the knee boots, please do so. I beg of you to wear these magnificent otk boots. They’re kind of crazy, and that’s why they’re amazing.

Dolce Vita 'Justin' Block Heel Bootie - Witchy Boots

Dolce Vita ‘Justin’ Block Heel Bootie – These are insane! They’re like steampunk/Mad Max witchy boots. The wives in Mad Max look like they could be witches, or goddesses. Furiosa, Charlize Theron’s character could be witchy. Witchiness is all about powerful women.

Matisse Princely Suede Boot - Witchy Boots

Matisse Princely Suede Boot – Similar to the Vince Camuto pair but not over the knee, these are probably easier to wear but still stunning. Forget riding boots, go for these.

Schutz Makayla Leather Booties - Witchy Boots

Schutz Makayla Leather Booties – Another badass pair of witchy boots. Rocker girl witch. You have the witchiness with the high ankle lace up design, and much attitude with the thick buckled strap.

Sam Edelman Tate Suede Boot - Witchy Boots

Sam Edelman Tate Suede Boot – These are unusual in that they feel very classic Victorian from the front but have a super chunky modern heel. Very wearable for every day.

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