5 Things You May Not Know About Me

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Julia of Style and Cheek being a weirdo! 5 Things You May Not Know About Me

Katrina of The Demure Muse tagged me in this 5 Things You Don’t Know About Me post and since I love Katrina, I can’t let her down. My site isn’t super personal but occasionally I’ll throw in a little detail about my life. So if you’ve been reading Style and Cheek for a while you may not be surprised by some of these little snippets. But most of these will be totally new and if you’re anything like me you’ll think it’s fun to learn about the people you follow. Like I didn’t realize Katrina was allergic to practically every food on this planet (I exaggerate) but now I know in case I host a party that is strawberry themed. O_O Here are five things you may not know about me.


1. I love video games!


Maybe this would be easy to figure out considering I went to PAX (multiple times). But I like playing video games. I also like watching other people play video games. I grew up watching my brothers play Mario and Zelda which I then played when I got older. Spent a lot of time in high school playing Halo. And to this day enjoy playing what my friend Harry calls, “life siphons” those games where you build a Cafe or Burger empire. Basically, because I’m not super hardcore about it, I am considered a casual gamer. And I like a variety of games.

I like RTS (real time strategy) games like Age of Empires and some turn based strategy games like CIV. I like simulation games like The Sims and there’s this game called Overcooked that Katrina told me about that I really want to try. Then there’s Minecraft which is a sandbox game because you kinda do whatever you want. Like build houses, explore mines, survive against zombie and spider attacks, start a cattle farm, look for Black Beauty…which is what I’m doing. And tower defense games like Kingdom Rush, Plants vs Zombies, Dungeon Defenders (the game my nephew wouldn’t let me STOP playing when he came to visit). Then there’s Borderlands which is a first-person shooter game that I only play if I have a partner, like Dan to play with me (cause I really suck! but yay pew pew!). I like me some video games


2. I was in a synth pop band


In college my boyfriend started a synth pop band called Drunk Tomato. We kinda collaborated and I did some singing and song writing and we even had a Myspace page. No I will not sing for you, I am not good.



3. I flew to Portugal to meet a guy I had only talked to online


And then we dated for a year! Yep. Wow, ok let’s get a little intimate for a moment (but not too intimate). I met this guy on tumblr and we really hit it off. So after months of nonstop messaging, I bought a ticket to Portugal and flew an entire day (so many layovers) to meet him. I’m sure he would not want me telling my blog readers this, but I’m going to anyway. When I got off the plane, he leaped over the barrier, ran to me and bear hug/picked me up. It was very romantic and I was very unprepared (aka I am a robot).

But yeah, our relationship was great. Life changing even. Long distance is fucking tough. It didn’t work out. But he’s a truly amazing guy. Like a really wonderful human being. Sometimes you gotta take chances like that in life. I promise, no matter how things end up, it will be worth it.



4. I can’t ride a bike


Ok. I’m sure I can. And I wouldn’t say exactly that I don’t know how to but I never really learned how. More like I’m really scared to learn, especially now that I’m an adult. And I don’t want ANYONE to see me trying to learn…so I avoid it. It’s such a weird fear. What’s stopping me is looking stupid. Like school sports, I give up on things that make me look really stupid if I don’t know how to do them or how to do them well. Yes, many people have offered to teach me. I laugh at them. Because trying to teach me will be very frustrating for them and they have no idea just how stubborn I am.



5. I won first place in a baby beauty contest


Yep. Dan wanted me to tell you this. I don’t know why he finds it so fascinating but when I was 16 or maybe 18 months old my parents entered me into a baby beauty contest and I won. I got a trophy and I’m wearing a cape in the photo, like a little royal thing. Super random and probably set me up for a lifetime of narcissism. The best part about the pictures from that contest, at least according to Dan, is that I’m clearly digging into the trophy looking for food. I may have been a beauty queen but even then food was my thing.


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