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Buki Hometown Hoodie and Shanna Tee Travel Outfit Style and Cheek - Perfect Travel Outfit with Buki

I’m back with another outfit featuring Buki, the Seattle-based luxury sportswear collection created by design industry veteran Joey Rodolfo. Last week I discussed how crazy soft Buki’s pieces are as I showed off their Boss Crew. This week I’m focusing on how Buki is the perfect travel companion. Their pieces are made to travel. They’re wrinkle resistant, machine washable, provide thermoregulation, and moisture-management. All of the comfort and style, none of the hassle. So I decided to put together a great travel outfit. We’re getting into a season where travel will be more prominent and I am always on board for an outfit that travels well and keeps me comfortable. You likely won’t be seeing me in heels at the airport. But that doesn’t mean I want to wear PJs in the security line either. Balance is key.

Before I get into more details about the outfit, I have to remind you that Buki is having their Pop-Up Shop Grand Opening Weekend Nov 5/6, and the shop will run through Dec 31. I hope you get a chance to check out the collection in person!

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Buki Hometown Hoodie and Shanna Tee Travel Outfit Style and Cheek - Perfect Travel Outfit with Buki

I define balance as looking put together enough to leave the house while still feeling like you could chill on the couch and watch Netflix. I live in jeans. And love my black slip-ons. I’ll likely choose a tight-fitting top or sweater over a button down. My go-to airport outfit is pretty similar. I wear what is efficient, not something that you’d see on a street-style blog. I’m not saying to dress sloppy, that is never acceptable, but I’ve spent a lot of time in airports and slept on plenty of flights and airport benches. Comfort is the goal here.

This is why I absolutely love Buki. Their pieces are made with travel in mind. Keeping with my casual but put together spirit, I chose to pair their Shanna Tee with the Hometown Hoodie. That has to be the most comfortable hoodie I’ve ever worn. It has a wonderfully dramatic hood that is cape-like in its draping. Slightly belled cuff sleeves which are great for cuddling yourself. I know that sounds weird, but I really enjoy pulling down the sleeves of my hoodies so they cover my hands. And they used dynamic stretch and recovery fabric so you don’t have to worry about your hoodie being stretched out! The combo of a tight but soft tee plus crazy comfy hoodie is exactly the kind of low-key outfit I love for traveling.

Buki Hometown Hoodie and Shanna Tee Travel Outfit Style and Cheek - Perfect Travel Outfit with Buki

Here are my travel tips for staying comfortable:

  • Wear slip on shoes. I don’t care if you wanna look hot at the airport. Find some cute slip-ons that will take .2 seconds to take on and off so security is a breeze. Plus, your feet swell in the air so you’ll want to wear comfy shoes as your feet balloon.
  • Put an extra pair of shoes in your carry on. If you are going somewhere directly after your flight, like a meeting or event, pack your heels/lace-up-fancy-pants-oxfords/flats/etc. in your carry on and just change into them after your flight. Why suffer?
  • Wear clothes that won’t wrinkle. This is especially true is you’re headed somewhere right when you land. The last thing you want is to look disheveled. Buki’s Ex-Boyfriend Shirt is a great example of a piece that would be comfortable and chic both on the flight and after, without needing to change in an airport bathroom before your event.
  • Pack an extra blouse or jacket in your carry on. I said above to wear things that don’t wrinkle but another part of that is to pack things that won’t wrinkle. If I were going to a business casual meeting directly after my flight, I’d pack a nice pair of flats and either a blazer to layer over the Shanna Tee or something like the Swing Back Shirt.
  • Bring a blanket. At the Buki fall preview they mentioned that they are currently designing the Buki Blanket with their softest fabrication, Kinoki Luxe. I’m always cold on flights but never bring anything to cuddle up with and end up either freezing or taking my chances with gross plane blankets. If you have a long flight, a throw or small blanket is worth it.
  • Can’t bring a blanket? Wear a hoodie. Specifically one with a large hood like the Hometown Hoodie. If you’re going to snooze, you might as well put your hood up and create a comfy cozy barrier between you and whatever airplane surface you’re avoiding (for me that’s the wall of the window seat).

Buki Hometown Hoodie and Shanna Tee Travel Outfit Style and Cheek - Perfect Travel Outfit with Buki

  • I’d add one more travel tip: Don’t wear a ton of jewelry! I’ve seen people try and go through security with layers of necklaces – not going to fly! Plus, it’s more likely to get lost or left behind in the bins. Not worth it.

    • That’s a good point. I never wear jewelry while traveling so I didn’t even think of that! It’s such a hassle. Just put a jewelry bag in your purse or carry on and put it all on after the flight. That seems like the smart thing to do, right?

      • Absolutely! I’ve also seen cool hacks where people pack necklaces with straws to avoid tangles.