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So I am obsessed with illustrator @jooleeloren, aka Julie Houts. I go to her hilarious drawings on Instagram anytime I’ve had a shitty day because I feel like she knows my brain. And I figured if I enjoyed them so much I should write about her stuff. I mean why not, spread the love, share the things I go to for a good laugh that I can’t express myself in real life. Seriously, I love this chick. I have a weird girl crush, art crush on her. She’s so bizarre and creative and understands my snarky self (and probably your snarky self too). I don’t even know how I found her on IG but she’s an illustrator and full-time womenswear designer at J.Crew. But I’m pretty sure my obsession started with her “Queen of Lurkington” post which is 100% me (check it out below).

Her kinda twisted, awkward, slightly self-deprecating IDGAF attitude is sooo goooood. It makes me wish I was artsy and talented even in just the slightest. But I like the randomness she throws in, like a good punch in the face to get yourself out of a date. Or her signature rats. Yes, we relate to funny introverted Friday night tendencies or dealing with ridiculous one-sided mind-numbing conversations but her voice is still there and you’re like yes this is totally my life but it’s also voyeuristic because we’re experiencing Julie’s life at the same time. I don’t even think I picked the best ones from her IG, just the ones I relate to the most. There are ton of fashion related illustrations that I didn’t touch on but these are hilarious, so enjoy!

Oh and check out her website, she sells prints too.

Personal Finances | Julie Houts | Mood Julie Houts Illustrations

Personal Finances | Julie Houts

Mood | Julie Houts | Mood Julie Houts Illustrations

Mood | Julie Houts

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