Pinterest Picks – Rubber Plant Inspiration

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Do you ever fall in love with a plant? This is becoming a more normal thing for me. But a rubber plant will definitely be our next house plant, because they are so dang pretty! You may remember my fiddle leaf fig tree post about how everyone and their mother wants a fiddle leaf fig. Because they do. We went to Restoration Hardware’s grand opening tonight in UVillage and there was a fiddle leaf fig in almost every room. No joke. Well, our fiddle leaf fig is still alive and well, so I’ve convinced myself that I am able to take care of plants and want to expand my plant family. I’m not even sure where I learned about rubber plants or ‘ficus elastica’ (aka their REAL name). I wanna say Pinterest. But wherever, I love their dark, sturdy leaves.

Like the fiddle leaf fig, the rubber plant is not pet friendly. So pet owners beware. Not quite sure what we’ll do about this if we ever decide to get pets but for now I’m cultivating my green thumb. And this beautiful plant grows quite tall. Plus it does wonders for purifying the air. It also is easier to care for than the fiddle leaf fig and can take a slight amount of abuse without dying. Just sayin’. For those with brown thumbs, this might be the plant for you!

Home Greenery | A Way of Seeing - Rubber Plant Inspiration

Home Greenery | A Way of Seeing – Here is the rubber plant in all its glory. Nothing to overshadow its glossy, picturesque leaves. Just the plant, the pot, and a white wall. Consider this to complement a single piece of art.

Dance Dance Dance | Weekday Carnival - Rubber Plant Inspiration

Dance Dance Dance | Weekday Carnival – It’s nice to see varying sizes of rubber plants and this one in particular is cute. It has other plant friends around it for a nice little green set up.

Plant-o-Pedia: Rubber Tree | The Jungalow - Rubber Plant Inspiration

Plant-o-Pedia: Rubber Tree | The Jungalow – This color combination of dark green with this shade of salmon is gorgeous. It’s very tropical. So if you’re worried your rubber plant only looks good in stark spaces, think again and think vibrant.

White Hot - Erin Fetherston's New Hollywood Home | Domino - Rubber Plant Inspiration

White Hot – Erin Fetherston’s New Hollywood Home | Domino – That might be the largest rubber plant I’ve ever seen. What a beauty! It especially makes a statement in such a minimally styled space.

Home Progress - Entryway | Sarah Sherman Samuel - Rubber Plant Inspiration

Home Progress – Entryway | Sarah Sherman Samuel – What a lovely entryway. It’s very clean and structured. I love that the table is decorated but still functional with space to put your keys, wallet, even your hat.

Trending - Horse Prints | Katrina Lee Chambers - Rubber Plant Inspiration

Trending – Horse Prints | Katrina Lee Chambers – I love everything about this room! The brown leather couch, horse portrait, stone walls, pom pom pillows, and that amazing woven basket holding the rubber plant. It’s all welcoming and cozy.

Boho room inspiration with rubber plant | We Heart It - Rubber Plant Inspiration

Boho room inspiration | We Heart It – Like I said, rubber plants look great against vibrant backgrounds. It can hold its own with busy patterns and does a great job of adding a little drama to a room.

Inside Fashion Designer Erin Fetherston's Chic New Home Collection | My Domaine - Rubber Plant Inspiration

Inside Fashion Designer Erin Fetherston’s Chic New Home Collection | My Domaine – Wow, this room is so crisp and clean, yet still welcoming. The underside of the rubber leaf plant looks golden when lit with sunlight; the combination of white, gold, and green is almost magical.