Happy Thanksgiving!

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Westland Whiskey and Brisket - Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! I’m sure no one will be reading this today and if you are, hello! I hope you’re having a great Thursday and or Thanksgiving. Today we are headed for Indian food with my parents before going to a Friendsgiving. So yeah we’ll be eating the entire day. Packing on the winter weight all in one go! I bet there’s someone out there who doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving who is going to eat In-N-Out burger. ACTUALLY if I lived in California I’d be like screw it guys, we’re getting In-N-Out for Thanksgiving! Cheers! Like how easy would that be?

But I can’t drink too much or get into a food coma today because Black Friday is tomorrow! This is the most important blogging week/end of the year. Black Friday deals and favorites will be announced sometime after midnight tonight and Cyber Monday will follow on Monday with even more great deals. But besides online shopping and post planning, tomorrow is Gilmore Girls time! I’m so excited. Then on Saturday we have my ten-year High School reunion HOLY CRAP. And honestly besides being excited about Gilmore Girls, I’m mostly excited about decorating for Christmas. I ordered these adorable ornaments the other day and have no tree to put them on. Hopefully next week we’ll be getting our tree.

Now, whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving or not, I’ve put together a list of various Thanksgiving related and non Thanksgiving related posts that may be helpful for you today. Think, last-minute side dish ideas (like super last-minute), delicious cocktails, table settings. I KNOW it’s last minute but bookmark this post for next year and you’re set with a huge list of Thanksgiving ideas.


Photo credit: @josiahmichael of Josiah Michael Photography from our Whiskey and Brisket collab.