The 12 Best of 2016

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2016 was a rough year and even in its last few days, it just keeps throwing curveballs. But a year can’t be all bad and I’d like to remember the good things. Because even with all the craziness, 2016 was also a really good year. It was a good year for music. Like a REALLY good year for music. So first thank you 2016 for that. I’ve named a few favorites below but I’d also like to mention Phantogram’s new album, Drake, Kanye, The Weeknd…and that’s just what I can think of off the top of my head. We were also given great TV shows. Westworld ALMOST made it to my top list, although The Night Of was closer. I still need to watch Insecure and I’m eh on whether or not to watch The Crown. Opinions welcome if you’ve seen either of those shows. Or suggestions on shows I failed to mention.

As far as movies go, we didn’t see many. Aside from Rogue One and Fantastic Beasts and I think Deadpool, we didn’t go to the movie theater much in 2016. So that really sums up the entertainment side of things. I thought about talking food on here but neither Dan nor I could think of food we tried in 2016 that stood out. My year was pretty dominated by work events so it’s kind of no surprise that tv shows and music were the main theme of this year. I was either bussing around to events or at home on the couch. But honestly, I don’t get to talk about music very often so I’m using this as an excuse to share some favorites, along with other fun and random things of 2016, like how literally everything turned pink this year. So please, enjoy the 12 best of 2016 and then tell me all your favorite things about 2016 in the comments below. I wanna know!

Pink Shawn Hanna - The 12 Best of 2016

1. 2016 Color of The Year: Rose Quartz

Picking rose quartz for the color of the year was a smart move by Pantone (oh wait, do I hear someone saying something about another color? serenity something…) No. This was the year of pink! Pink everything. Literally everyone was obsessed with pink this year. It dominated everything from restaurants to interiors to fashion to branding. Why the hell are we going to such a bleh green for 2017? I finally realized that I LIKE pink. I drank the pink koolaid. And you probably did too. Maybe without even realizing it. Because literally everyone was using it.

For a year that filled everyone with angst, at least we had a really soothing color. For real. Like look at me in my fly as f*** pink furry jacket *shakes fist at the patriarchy*. Enjoy it while it lasts babes. Soon everything will look like Kermit the frog. Watch me eat my words next year when I’m like, “ooh Greenery is the best color, I’m so inspired by the color of turf.”

Song of Style’s Aimee Song Dishes on Her Favorite L.A. Spots | My Domaine - The 12 Best of 2016

2. The Lob

Ok you guys, I know my haircut isn’t new news but it took me YEARS to finally jump on the lob train, and I don’t know when I’m going back. Thanks to Instagram I actually learned how to curl my hair. Yes, Instagram. I’m still learning because honestly holding up a massive HOT piece of metal and trying to delicately wrap your hair around it while holding it at the proper angle is complicated and results in burns. Ugly. Painful. Knuckle burns. But thanks to Anh Co Tran, I am aware of the power of the curl. And the lob. And dry shampoo. I don’t care that the lob has been around for a while now, what could be better than sexy bedhead all the time?

Stranger Things - The 12 Best of 2016

3. Stranger Things

Where do I begin!? If someone has been telling you to watch Stranger Things and you haven’t done it yet, please smack yourself right now. Just look at your hand and say, “I’m sorry, Julia told me to do this”, and smack yourself across the face. Becauseeeee Stranger Things is ahhhhhh-ma-zinggg. I can’t fully explain it. The 80s nostalgia with the excellent child actors. The soundtrack AND the score. The creep factor. It’s too good. It’s TOO good. We watched it twice all the way through almost directly after our first viewing and it was just as good. I know I’m not saying a whole lot but I don’t want to spoil anything so go watch it.

Atlanta tv show - The 12 Best of 2016

4. Atlanta

Up until this show Dan had dislike for his birthday twin Donald Glover, who I have enjoyed since his days on Community. But for some reason Dan thought he was a little too cocky. That was until the first episode of Atlanta (which Dan himself suggested we watch) and the cleverness in that one episode was enough for Dan to change his mind about D. Glover. But it’s more than just Earnest aka “Earn”, Donald Glover’s character, that draws you in, it’s all of the characters and their loyalty to each other as Earn, his cousin Paper Boi, and oddball Darius struggle to navigate Paper Boi’s rap career. P.S. watch out for the invisible car.

Gilmore Girls A Year In The Life - The 12 Best of 2016

5. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

I’ve waited so long for this revival and it was all that I wanted and more! Thank you Netflix for making my teenage dreams come true! We’ve been waiting and you came through. For those who are Gilmore Girls fans and can relate to this, I spent almost the entire time crying. The first episode and the last episode were just nonstop tears. There are plenty of articles out there bashing the revival but I thoroughly enjoyed it. As far as television goes, it was a nice contrast to all the heavy dramas and sci-fi/fantasy. And all the Bunheads cameos! Aw I wish these crazy, not at all realistic worlds could continue forever. It fills my heart and soul with good feels. Like Stranger Things, I don’t want to spoil too much but…that insane musical and Paris Gellar freaking in the bathroom at Chilton…yeah.

Fleabag 2016 - The 12 Best of 2016

6. Fleabag

One night after Dan went to sleep I binge watched all six episodes of Fleabag after watching the trailer and spending forever trying to remember Dan’s Amazon Prime password just to watch it. The trailer was that enticing. First, because it used Peaches, “Boys Wanna Be Her,” and second, because it seemed to have an actual relatable female lead. A gritty, fucked up female lead with realistic problems. Wow, imagine that. The show breaks the fourth wall in a way that doesn’t feel awkward, though there are plenty of awkward moments. The main character is a disaster. And at the end, without giving anything away except for the fact that this show is laugh out loud funny (but keep it quiet if your boyfriend is sleeping in the other room), I was left in tears. Shitty, relatable tears. Clever, weird, and a bit nutty.

Bomber jacket - The 12 Best of 2016

7. Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets should get an honorable mention for 2016. I think that’s the one trend that blew up. I cannot get enough of the crazy embroidered bomber jackets, even now, for everyone. Go get a cool bomber jacket. You, and you, and you. Embroidered and embellished stars, colorful flowers, tigers, velvet, satin. I’m all about it. My only wish is that I’d picked up the jacket seen above, which was available at Nordstrom. Pretty sure it was Topshop and exactly like my olive green version but c’est la vie. Bombers, you’re beautiful. Thank you for mixing up the outerwear choices this year.

Free People Waterfall Bodysuit - The 12 Best of 2016

8. Bodysuits

This is more of a personal favorite rather than representative of 2016 but I became comfortable enough with my body to wear bodysuits this year. And holy crap are they a godsend for those of us with short torsos who look so awkward with tucked in shirts. I was finally able to get something that was tight-fitting in a way that flattered my figure. No more weird bunching up of extra fabric. I don’t care if bodysuits go “out” of style. I’m going to wear them and layer them and enjoy them because finally I don’t have to constantly pull my shirt down in the back when I sit down. That right there is enough for me. THANK YOU WORLD.


I follow this girl on Tumblr who is obsessed with Twenty One Pilots so I’m always seeing TOP related posts to an extreme degree. I liked a few of their songs but it wasn’t until the chick posted this Twenty One Pilots x Mute Math sessions video of the two bands killing five of TOP’s songs. And I mean killing. I mean Mute Math made Twenty One Pilots sound freaking amazing. And Twenty One Pilots made Mute Math sound freaking amazing. The last song, Lane Boy and the following drum jam session is ridiculous and that sounds super cheesy, especially coming from someone who has never used the phrase “jam session” until this very moment but oooooh baby it’s intense. The Mute Math drummer is so fascinating to watch! And Tyler Joseph has a voice of a dang angel. It’s so clear. So pure.

10. Rihanna’s Anti

Everyone is all up in arms about how Rihanna got snubbed because Beyoncé took 2016 but hello, there’s room for more than one Queen here, alright? Rihanna murdered 2016 (and 2015 with BBHMM) just as hard as Beyoncé. And honestly I love Rihanna because she’s a badass who knows exactly who she is and isn’t afraid to show it. Aka RiRi is my Queen.

My Queen gave us Anti. The kind of album you listen to a bunch of times and keep finding new favorite songs to obsess over. First it was Desperado and Consideration. Then Needed Me. Then Woo and Pose once I watched her concert performances. And of course extra props to lil miss RiRi for covering Tame Impala’s New Person, Same Old Mistakes (the two songs are pretty much exactly the same and both are good).

11. Beyoncé’s Lemonade

Oh Bey. OHHH Bey. I’m not even a massive Beyoncé fan (WHOA, put the tomatoes down fam) but I recognize Beyoncé’s power. Formation rocked the dang world and then Lemonade came out and everyone lost their damn minds. It was entertaining to watch, people losing their damn minds I mean, Lemonade itself was more than entertaining. Dan and I sat and watched it together and I was like yep, Beyoncé is one fierce woman. But I think Dan was more impressed than I was, maybe because I knew Beyoncé had a bunch of different sides to her as an artist, or maybe because he just really really enjoyed it as a piece of art. Either way my snapchat feed was filled with Beyoncé concert snaps this year and I was not complaining. I even saw some kickass Beyoncé wrapping paper the other day!

Radiohead A Moon Shaped Pool - The 12 Best of 2016

12. Radiohead’s A Moon Shaped Pool

Mmmmmm Radiohead. I don’t mention this often but Radiohead is one of my favorite bands. Yep lump me into that category of PNW people who love Radiohead, I’ll gladly go there. Because even now they are putting out music that will give you goosebumps. Specifically their new album A Moon Shaped Pool. Honestly just go have a listen to Decks Dark and wait for 3:20. Magic. Pure magic. Also Identikit. It doesn’t have that ending like Decks Dark but it’s very good. Broken hearts make it rain. Feel free to click through to listen to Decks Dark. Do itt.