Pinterest Picks – Coming Up Rosy

By Monday, January 16, 2017 2 Permalink

Maybe it’s because Valentine’s Day is next month, but almost everything you see on the interweb has that pretty romantic glow. Or maybe it’s just a new year and I’m ready for a fresh start and I associate pink with newness. Either way I am feeling very inspired by everything rose-colored. Darker than last years rose quartz, this is more of a rosy glow. Like the color of your cheeks after you’ve been out in the cold. With the bleakness of winter, I welcome a dose of pink. A color of life. Youth. Romance. And hope.

As you can tell I’m a little bit out there at the moment – head in the clouds and all that, but there’s just something about pink that welcomes a more carefree reality. This month has slowed way down compared to November and December so the inspiration photos today fit with that vibe. I’m not looking to speed anything up, so it makes sense that more than a few of these photos involve cozy settings and soft sweaters. I just want to chill out on a plush pink velvet couch in a pink pullover and bask in that rosy glow.

@notyourstandard - rose inspiration

via @notyourstandard – This photo of this sweater kept popping up on social media and I was drawn to the comfort and romantic feel of it. It’s that kind of cozy cute vibe of I’m wearing a sweater and I may not have shaved my legs recently but I still got it. And don’t you forget it.

Five Glitter Makeup Looks to Try | Into The Gloss - rose inspiration

Five Glitter Makeup Looks to Try | Into The Gloss – New Year’s party times are over but that doesn’t mean you have to give up glitter. You don’t even need to extend the glitter to the cheekbone if that’s too in your face. But this look is fresh, subtle (for glitter!), and oh so beautiful. Pink sparkles for V-day?

Anthropologie Slub Velvet Leonelle Sofa - rose inspiration

Anthropologie Slub Velvet Leonelle Sofa – The pink furniture inspiration photos floating around are seriously making me consider a pink sofa. Specifically a pink velvet sofa like this one. Too much? Or just enough? Some people hard-core pink fans and can pull it off at any moment. And this is what pulling off a pink couch looks like.

Unhappy hour neon sign - rose inspiration

Unhappy hour – Pink and neon signs. I’d be happy if those two trends stuck around for a long while but I’ll just enjoy them while they’re here. Gotta love the cheekiness of neon signs right now.

Estée Lalonde - rose inspiration

via Estée Lalonde – I watched one of Estée’s recent videos where she was wearing this sweater and thought “man that’s a really cute sweater”. And that was before she even showed off the ruffled sleeves! Do want. I love the slim fit, the two-tone knit, and fluted sleeves. Thank you winter for pretty knitwear.

Makeup look - Rose inspiration

via @esthetiqueamour – I know, pink makeup is hard. So how about a plummy color with copper to get the effect of pink without any pastels? It’s seriously pretty and a touch edgy. Is it spring yet?

You'll Never Guess What this Chic Loft was Before It Was Renovated | Style Me Pretty Living - Rose inspiration

You’ll Never Guess What this Chic Loft was Before It Was Renovated | Style Me Pretty Living – Here we go again with more furniture inspiration. Once I realized a pink couch might be too much, I remembered this awesome ottoman. Easier than a couch but still packs a punch. Howaboutit?