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Bodysuit Fashion Inspiration Editorial | Jetset Justine

Back in summer of 2016 (seems so long ago!) I became obsessed with bodysuits thanks to Topshop. They’ve been hanging around in the trend zone for a couple of years but it took me awhile to catch on and realize that bodysuits aren’t just for lingerie or babies. They are for making you look super sleek and put together. Bodysuits are also great for those who should be wearing form-fitting clothing, but tend to shy away from tighter options (cough, me, cough), because they’re insanely flattering. But as soon as I tried one on, I was ON BOARD the bodysuit express. And I haven’t gotten off. Nope. I’m on it and you should join me. Even if it’s just because it feels liberating not having to man your backside constantly.

We even ended HSWI with bodysuits because of this bodysuit obsession. In those posts I explained that I wasn’t super comfortable going braless, but it seemed like every summertime bodysuit was all about the no bra style. Thankfully most if not all of the bodysuits here allow you to wear a bra. Depending on how much bra strap you’re willing to show, but I have a couple of these bodysuits and a bra works fine. I’m so happy there are bodysuits out there besides the super sexy ones that are also really freaking cute. I got these black high-waisted skinny jeans for Christmas and I love them. My lewk for 2017 consists of a bodysuit plus black skinnies plus booties. Add a leather jacket and I will have achieved my #stylegoals. It’s all about that high-waisted style. Also a-line skirts. What are your favorite bodysuit pairings?

Madewell Song Scoop Bodysuit in Pierre Stripe - The Best Bodysuits

Madewell Song Scoop Bodysuit in Pierre Stripe (also available at Shopbop and Nordstrom) – I’m obsessed with this bodysuit. I got it on sale during Cyber Monday and it is the softest bodysuit in all the land. It’s truly magical. So cute and comfortable I wish it came in more colors (though it does come in black!)

Madewell Instrumental Turtleneck Bodysuit - The Best Bodysuits

Madewell Instrumental Turtleneck Bodysuit – Turtlenecks are back (thanks Kimmy K) and this sleek black bodysuit is at the top of my to-buy list. Super soft, super cozy, and still sexy, this is a surefire go-to this season.

Free People Easy Peasy Tee Bodysuit - The Best Bodysuits

Free People Easy Peasy Tee Bodysuit – This is the other bodysuit I got during Cyber Monday (only in black, not burgundy). It’s very sexy and slightly sheer but thankfully you can wear a bra with it and it looks amazing with black high-waisted jeans. Preach.

Free People Mama Jen Bodysuit - The Best Bodysuits

Free People Mama Jen Bodysuit – The blousey nature of this bodysuit with the lace and sheer overlay is so pretty. It would look equally amazing with a pencil skirt as it would with flares.

Missguided Black Star Mesh Long Sleeve Bodysuit - The Best Bodysuits

Missguided Black Star Mesh Long Sleeve Bodysuit – Ok this bodysuit is a little nuts because it’s totally sheer but it’s awesome. Gotta love a sheer star printed bodysuit! This is the coolest bodysuit of the bunch and reminds me of Bowie.

Missguided Choker Neck Long Sleeve Bodysuit Black - The Best Bodysuits

Missguided Choker Neck Long Sleeve Bodysuit Black – This basic bodysuit is taken to the next level with the addition of the choker detail. A comfortable, every day bodysuit with a bit of sass.

AEO Soft & Sexy Ribbed Zip Bodysuit - The best bodysuits

AEO Soft & Sexy Ribbed Zip Bodysuit – T-shirt level. This ribbed zip bodysuit is your go-to for casual days. It’s versatile, flattering, and part of AEO’s awesome soft and sexy collection (which is so nice and soft).

Bardot Lily Lace Bodysuit - The best bodysuits

Bardot Lily Lace Bodysuit – More lace goodness for you. This is definitely giving off gothic princess vibes which I love. But you can have a lot of fun styling this with a retro inspired a-line skirt, or embrace the darkness and wear all black everything.


top image via: Jetset Justine

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