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Rodial // Nip + Fab Beauty - Rodial Nip Fab Beauty Review

I received free product from Nip + Fab and Rodial in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

A couple months ago I signed up to partner with Rodial and Nip + Fab to review a bunch of their luxury products for the blog. I had no idea what products they were sending me so the package was one big surprise. All I knew was that I was getting a variety of beauty and skincare products from Rodial and Nip + Fab, two UK brands I was unfamiliar with but will probably keep tabs on after this experience.

In particular I liked the Rodial mascara that I received so much that I have been investigating their other products. Rodial has a neck mask that I really want to try. It sounds totally insane to me to do a neck mask but my neck is super creased and it sounds weird and fun and maybe a great idea. They’re $10 per mask. The other mask I’m curious about is their Pink Diamond Instant Lifting Face Mask and is $90 for 8 masks and doesn’t come in an individual sachet. I tend to be more interested in beauty products than skincare so I had a feeling that if I liked the Rodial product it would easier to sing its praises. But I’ve given a rundown of my feelings on each product below.

Rodial // Nip + Fab Beauty Review - Rodial Glamolash Mascara XXL - Rodial Nip Fab Beauty Review

Rodial Glamolash™ Mascara XXL – This is my favorite of the bunch. I’m usually pretty laid back with my mascara purchases. I have naturally long lashes so I didn’t worry about super voluminous lashes. Until recently. Now, not only do I want full lashes, I also don’t want those lashes to smudge. So this Rodial mascara is awesome. It provides me with voluminous lashes, doesn’t smudge, and lasts all day. And the formula is super inky black which I love. I definitely recommend checking out Rodial’s mascara and other products.

Rodial and Nip + Fab Beauty - Nip + Fab Body Bust Fix Décolleté Gel - Rodial Nip Fab Beauty Review

Nip + Fab Body Bust Fix – This light serum is meant to visibly plump and firm the appearance of skin around the bust and décollaté. It uses mangosteen extract to reshape and sculpt, as well as cell active® form to plump, and cell-booster to smooth and firm. People use mangosteen to help treat eczema and it is known for its anti-aging benefits. For best results it says to use the product twice daily in circular movements just after a shower when skin can easily absorb the product. Other tips include exfoliating before use.

So does it work? I’m going to say something similar to what I say about the next product. It’s difficult to tell. I like the smell, it has a very, very subtle pearly sheen once applied to the skin, and had a bit of a warming effect. But I’m not sure if it plumped up the skin. However, I might just keep using it because I’m a stomach sleeper and I can already tell the skin is getting tired and will probably eventually wrinkle. Yikes. So any product that could offset the aging process and loss of elasticity is worth a try.

Rodial and Nip + Fab Beauty - Nip + Fab Body Cellulite Fix Body Sculpting Gel - Rodial Nip Fab Beauty Review

Nip + Fab Body Cellulite Fix – This product contains cell active® shape to sculpt and reduce appearance of cellulite, indian forskolin which firms and lifts skin, and caffeine which improves skin tone and texture. For best results it says to apply twice a day on clean skin in upward strokes. Tips include applying after dry brushing which increases stimulation and exfoliates dead skin cells. I didn’t try it after dry brushing but I might have to now.

Here’s the deal with this product, or rather me, I used the Cellulite Fix right after the holidays/my birthday and I’ve been eating and drinking (ahem partying) quite a lot. So it’s difficult to tell if this product did anything. I’ve definitely gained a couple pounds over the past couple months and haven’t been working out as often. Insert shrug emoji. It’s always hard to tell with these things. I went in with an open mind and have nothing exactly negative to say about the product, but is it a miracle fix? It’s hard to say. I do not suggest using it during a time when you’re celebrating non-stop and not exercising as much. I’ll have to come back and try it once I get back to my regular routine.

Rodial and Nip + Fab Beauty - Nip + Fab Smooth Viper Venom Micro Blur Fix - Rodial Nip Fab Beauty Review

Nip + Fab Smooth Viper Venom Micro Blur Fix – This product is meant to prime, blur, and mattify the skin for an instant flawless complexion. You apply it to clean skin, focusing on the T-zone, and let set for five minutes before applying your makeup. Ok, I don’t really use primer on my skin before applying my makeup so I don’t have a great comparison for this product. I will say that my makeup stayed on all day. And didn’t budge. It also had a matte finish that happened almost instantly after application. No shine here! But I’d really like to try this with a heavier foundation application as I use very little face makeup. But Kylie Jenner endorses it and says it creates the perfect dewy selfie look so there’s that!

Rodial and Nip + Fab Beauty - Nip + Fab Exfoliate Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads - Rodial Nip Fab Beauty Review

Nip + Fab Exfoliate Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads – Aha! Here’s my second favorite product of the bunch. This was one of those products that I felt instantly gave me results. The Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads are soaked in 2.8% glycolic acid, witch hazel, hyaluronic acid, and blue daisy. They retexture and resurface skin, tone, moisturize, and give you brighter, smoother looking skin. There are 60 pads and you can either apply to cleansed skin once a day or morning and night (I do once at night) on your face, neck, and décollaté. P.S. I didn’t use the product on my chest while using the Nip + Fab Bust Fix because I didn’t want to ruin the Bust Fix experience.

However! Instead of using it on my chest, I decided to try the Glycolic Fix cleansing pads on my hands. A few months back I went to a Four Seasons Spa event where they were testing their facial products on the backs of our hands. One of their facials involved hyaluronic acid and it made the skin on my hand incredibly soft. Soo. I’ve been using the pads on my face, neck, and hands and sure enough my dry winter hands felt soft and moisturized. As someone who hates using hand lotion non-stop during winter, I’ve really loved the result. As far as the face goes, I haven’t had as many dry spots as I normally do during winter.