10 Mind Blowing Spring Jackets

By Friday, April 21, 2017 0 Permalink

Anyone else ready to go crazy with their spring and summer styles? I thought spring 2017 would be all about neutrals and no pizzazz, but that just ain’t the case my friends. Nah, get ready for some FUN shit. Color and prints and embroidery and sequins. Everything you loved about fall/winter 2016/17 is sticking around for warmer temps, especially outerwear.

Yes, cool jackets are everywhere. I’m talking sequined kimonos and embroidered bombers. You want one right? Or two. I went to Zara recently and walked past a dozen or so jackets I kinda wanted and a handful that were EXCELLENT. That’s how good stuff is right now. We are swimming in jackets and nothing is boring! Everything is fun fun fun. So what’s your flavor? Dark and velvety goodness? Or fluffy and floral? How about a painted skull on your denim jacket? We’re going for statement pieces here. Consider it your duty this spring to show off a little, after all it is the year of the Fire Rooster so strut your stuff.

Zara Sequined Kimono

Zara Sequined Kimono – This kimono is to die for! Such opulence. You’ve got your sequins, your velvet, and a jewel tone. This is rock n roll princess to a T.

Zara Denim Jacket with Skull Print

Zara Denim Jacket with Skull Print – Denim jackets are normally not my jam but the painted skull print on this distressed denim jacket changes everything. This collaboration between artist Mercedes Bellido and Zara is so unique and fun.

Zara Embroidered Blazer

Zara Embroidered Blazer – As someone who wears black year-round I appreciate seeing such a beautiful and dark ruffled jacket for spring. Plus the floral embroidery is gorgeous.

ASOS Premium Quilted Bomber Jacket With Dragon Embroidery

ASOS Premium Quilted Bomber Jacket With Dragon Embroidery – It’s the color of this quilted bomber that gets me. That deep evergreen. Normally we’d see this color in winter but I love the combination of evergreen with light gold and pastel pink.

Zara Sequined Kimono Jacket

Zara Sequined Kimono Jacket – Another sequined gem. While I’m obsessed with the stylish pairing of sequins with a Misfits tee, this is the perfect jacket to wear over dresses for a funky nighttime look. Slip dress, anyone?

Anthropologie Tufted Floral Bomber

Anthropologie Tufted Floral Bomber – Here we go, this piece totally embodies spring. It’s the color of the sky, it’s floral, and tufted. You couldn’t get closer to spring unless you were followed around by bees.

Zara Embroidered Velvet Bomber Jacket

Zara Embroidered Velvet Bomber Jacket – The stained glass effect on this jacket is genius and oh so pretty. Because it’s black velvet this piece is on the dressier side of bomber jackets but can be worn day or night.

ASOS Bomber Jacket in Velvet Quilt with Embroidered Badges

ASOS Bomber Jacket in Velvet Quilt with Embroidered Badges – How do you make an awesome blue velvet bomber jacket even better? Add badges. And make sure one of the badges is of a tiger. Cue fireworks.

Zara Short Jacket with Floral Print

Zara Short Jacket with Floral Print – The jacket alone is amazing but with those matching shorts this is one kickass outfit! Vacation vibes. Love the high collar detail and gathered zipped cuffs.

Anthropologie Rubie Floral Bomber

Anthropologie Rubie Floral Bomber – Bring on the pretty prints. This is the kind of spring print that reminds me why this season is so amazing. Everything in bloom, the sun shining, and a little bit of sparkle.