31 Days of Halloween – Rhiannon

By Sunday, October 6, 2019 0 Permalink

It’s Day 6 of 31 Days of Halloween and it’s a beautiful, sunny fall day in Seattle! This means it’s time to clean the house and put on Fleetwood Mac. Stevie Nicks says it herself in this live version of Rhiannon from The Midnight Special in 1976, Rhiannon is about an old Welsh witch. Perfect for this spooktacular playlist. Do a little house cleaning, do a little Devil worshiping…I’m kidding, I only practice white magic.

Basically, it doesn’t matter if you’re into witches or not, Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac is a beloved song by many. So take some time to dance around and get in touch with Stevie Nick’s out of this world energy. She might just be a witch herself.