31 Days of Halloween – Big God

By Friday, October 18, 2019 0 Permalink

Do you know how difficult it is to choose a Florence + The Machine song for this playlist? She’s full of magic, there are so many to choose from! I decided to go with Big God from Florence + The Machine for Day 18 of 31 Days of Halloween in part because of the music video. It’s one of my favorites and is inspired by a Goya painting called ‘Witches’ Flight’. How perfect is that?

Actually, I found this quote from the director, Autumn de Wilde about the witchcraft imagery in the music video and it’s amazing, “Women who bond themselves together like this, and rise up together like this, are usually accused of being witches, so I wanted to explore that. I also wanted to create an abstraction of Florence as if every woman was a small piece of glass that had shattered inside her. Now they join her outside her body and fight with her, love with her, go to war with her.” – i-D – Director Autumn de Wilde Reveals the Witchcraft in Florence’s New Video.

There you have it. A modern-day witch and her many selves coming together in a colorful struggle and emotional release. It’s a haunting song and captivating music video. Who wouldn’t want their Friday filled with Florence’s guttural, demonic sounds? She’s not of this earth.

Big God Florence and The Machine gif