Favorite Spring 2015 RTW Runway Looks Part 1

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Is it me or does it feel like there’s less exposure for fashion week this time around? There’s still a lot of mainstream media coverage of fashion week, but it seems like we’re seeing the effects of fewer bloggers being invited to fashion week; there are just not as many independent voices throwing up stories and pics on IG this year. That said, Fashion week isn’t even over yet, we still need to finish Milan and Paris, and I am already overloaded. We haven’t even seen collections from Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Saint Laurent…the list goes on, but even so, I wanted to share some my favorites so far.

For you lucky few who frequent fashion week shows I have to know how you pick which shows to see and how often do you come out of a show feeling disappointed ? I mean, it’s fashion and fashion is art so there has to be times when that “art” didn’t tickle your fancy. I had a hard enough time narrowing my selection here based on how many collections I liked, but I imagine that if you’re trying to attend these shows you’re going to eventually end up second guessing yourself when a collection disappoints.

Here’s what I have to say about SS/15 so far:

Too much black and white. While I love black, and you know I love black, I’m feeling a bit like Anna Wintour wondering, “where’s the color?” Because of that, many of the collections didn’t feel very spring/summer. They felt confused, as if they wanted so badly to play with autumn. Thankfully quite a few collections produced wonderful blue and green tones, across the board. Neutrals were popular as well as various shades of pink and purple. Overall the collections that actually had color, were beautifully done. It’s going to be a blissful season.

Yesterday I read an article about how the scandalous look from SS/15 is the high slit but let me tell you, I have never seen so much nipple. So much nipple. There was at least one exposed or vaguely covered nipple in practically every collection. Many collections had tropical influences with plants and animals as inspiration, athletic wear is still going, the 60s and 70s are big influences, but sheer was the most popular with romantic textures and colors, ruffles, lace, and embroidery. So get ready because see-through lightweight pieces will be everywhere next spring and summer.

I wanted to showcase the collections that made me excited, that either felt fresh or made me wish spring 2015 was already here. Though I fell most in love with the emerald green shades, I tried my hardest to show some variety.

Spring 2015 RTW Mary Katrantzou look 21 | Spring 2015 RTW Runway Looks

Spring 2015 RTW Mary Katrantzou – The chameleon print. Come on. Plus very fancy dancing birds.

Spring 2015 RTW Naeem Khan Look 47 | Spring 2015 RTW Runway Looks

Spring 2015 RTW Naeem Khan – Though the theme of his collection felt all over the place, the outfits themselves stunned.

Spring 2015 RTW Burberry Prorsum Look 9 | Spring 2015 RTW Runway Looks

Spring 2015 RTW Burberry Prorsum – Looks like the athletic trend is here to stay, at least for another year. Though not my favorite Burberry collection, the jewel tone color palette is perfection.

Spring 2015 RTW Michael Kors Look 26 | Spring 2015 RTW Runway Looks

Spring 2015 RTW Michael Kors – All of Michael Kors collection has that preppy, cape cod feminine vibe to it but this sheer embroidered skirt will 100% influence what people pair with their white tees come spring.

Spring 2015 RTW Rebecca Taylor Look 24 | Spring 2015 RTW Runway Looks

Spring 2015 RTW Rebecca Taylor – Because cats! And ladylike pastels and fluttery details. What more could you want?

Spring 2015 RTW Alberta Ferretti Look 44 | Spring 2015 RTW Runway Looks

Spring 2015 RTW Alberta Ferretti – The ethereal hippie chick vibe that I love. Definitely check out the entire collection.


photos via: style.com

  • theladybuchanan

    I normally do a round of fashion week and I completely spaced on the timeframe. I’m so glad you did a post because it’s similar to what I would have done and our picks are pretty much the same. I want all of the Michael Kors looks in my closet asap.

    • Style & Cheek

      I’ve been keeping up on your runway faves on your tumblr. You’re basically keeping me up to date on runway looks through there. When I saw the cats in the Rebecca Taylor collection I thought of you.

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