HSWI April 2014

These pink themed ‘How She’d Wear It’ posts are really making me crave more pink in my closet, especially after putting together this post on how to wear pink from ‘day to night’. I’ve always felt that pink is too girly, especially light pinks and blush, and part of that has to do with not knowing what colors to pair with light pink pieces. Part of the problem is that I have a lot of rich, dark colors in my closet that make light pink feel out of place. Black however, is the great equalizer and for the night outfit I chose a leather pencil skirt which adds edge to the very soft pink blouse. The day outfit is still soft and feminine, but takes the palette the other direction to muted colors like olive green and light gray. The key with pink from day to night is that the texture and color of the other pieces have to stay balanced against the pink piece in both sunlight and moonlight – the pink can’t be too dominant during the day, nor too submissive at night.

How She'd Wear It with Style and Cheek - Pink and Olive Green for Day | Pink Day to Night

1. J.Crew Pre-Order Sparkle Cardigan

2. Blank Orchestrion Clutch from Anthropologie

3. Ray-Ban New Youngster Sunglasses

4. Tai Alphabet Necklace

5. J.Crew Seamed Motorcycle Pant

6. Peach Gallete Top from ModCloth

7. J.Crew Pearl Open Bangle

8. Sam Edelman Nahara Jeweled Sandals

All I want right now are sunglasses and delicate jewelry. These two things are perfect with these pink outfits because I chose to add such masculine colors and pieces. The olive green motorcycle pants become a relaxed and cute choice when paired with a cool cutout tank and cozy cardigan. Showing off your cute sandals is a great way to accent a look beyond accessorizing. It’s a tough trick to not lose a pink this soft against the stronger colors of the surrounding pieces, but the colors here are all just muted enough to let this very delicate pink hold the spotlight. This feels like an easy springtime choice that will keep you comfortable and cute for when that 70 degree day turns into a 50 degree night.

How She'd Wear It with Style and Cheek - Pink and Black for Night | Pink Day to Night

1. Elizabeth And James Lafayette Cat Eye Sunglasses

2. Rococo Clutch from Anthropologie

3. Zara Shirt with Pockets

4. Zara Leather Stiletto Shoes

5. Elizabeth And James Mies Stud Earrings

6. Elizabeth And James Astral Pendant Necklace

7. TOPSHOP Leather Panel Pencil Skirt

For the night look I went with a simple, sexy outfit. Pink and black has always reminded me of punk; you know, hot pink and black, maybe with a mohawk and spiked collar. This is not what I wanted people to think of when they thought of black and pink together so I chose a light pink, almost blush and paired it with a black leather skirt. I chose a piece that exudes rock n roll, yet the outfit looks very feminine and sexy. Go for a relaxed blouse, even a silk long sleeve button down, but with a sturdy skirt it’s good to balance it with something soft. I didn’t even realize as I made this collage that I used multiple Elizabeth and James pieces – Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s label. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, the Olsen family has good (or at least interesting) taste!

- Julia of Style and Cheek

As if you didn’t already know, Coachella was this weekend. I didn’t go. Obviously. Not because I don’t want to go, because I seriously do. It’s just crazy expensive and the kind of trip that takes prior planning. No, I stayed home pretty much all weekend, our first chill weekend since we moved into the apartment. It was nice and I slept in. Plus the weather was amazing so we tried to spend as much time outside as we could. But while I was enjoying chill time my social media was bombarded by Coachella everything. From drool worthy pics of sunny Palm Springs to a video of Haim’s entire set – kinda disappointing even though Danielle is a sick singer, to all the Instagram pics of people wearing all kinds of festival wear from desert boots to cropped tops to floppy hats. And then there is video of Leonardo DiCaprio dancing at Coachella. No one is 100% sure it’s him but I’m entertained enough to believe it.

One trend that seems incredibly popular at Coachella is the romper. I’m not surprised, if I was bouncing around festival grounds I would want my ass covered, but in something still short and cute. Shorts and I don’t really get along but the idea of rompers seem so comfortable. Once I saw this clip of Beyonce and Solange dancing on stage together at Coachella I thought, ok rompers it is for Pinterest Picks.

The weather has warmed up and there are many different styles of rompers that you’re not limited to just one style. If you’re wondering how to pick the right romper for your body type here’s a tip, if you have a short torso (like me) then look for ones with shorter tops so the romper doesn’t bag in the wrong places. If you have a long torso then look for rompers with a longer top so you don’t get a ridiculous wedgie or flash too much booty. But really, the best thing to do if you’re unsure is to go try on different styles. There is definitely a style out there that’s right for you.

Yumi Kim Botanical Escape Silk Romper | Pinterest Picks - Spring Rompers and Jumpsuits

Yumi Kim Botanical Escape Silk Romper

Jen’s Pirate Booty for Free People Rose Haven One Piece | Pinterest Picks - Spring Rompers and Jumpsuits

Jen’s Pirate Booty for Free People Rose Haven One Piece

ASOS Playsuit In Printed Scuba | Pinterest Picks - Spring Rompers and Jumpsuits

ASOS Playsuit In Printed Scuba

ASOS Jumpsuit With Chic Racer Detail | Pinterest Picks - Spring Rompers and Jumpsuits

ASOS Jumpsuit With Chic Racer Detail

Dolce Vita Gardner Lace One Piece from Free People | Pinterest Picks - Spring Rompers and Jumpsuits

Dolce Vita Gardner Lace One Piece from Free People

Lavish Alice Vintage Floral Playsuit | Pinterest Picks - Spring Rompers and Jumpsuits

Lavish Alice Vintage Floral Playsuit

Fun with Thank You Cards

I have never been great at sending Thank You cards. The cliché is that as a kid you get presents from some extended family or friends for a holiday and your mom forces you to sit down and write Thank You cards to each gift-giver. I’m a serial procrastinator so as you can imagine I delayed writing these cards as long as I could. And as I continued to put it off the guilt about not writing them would rise to the point where I was too embarrassed to send them so late. It definitely didn’t help that as bad as I was at sending Thank You cards I felt just as bad at writing them. But when you’re younger what is there to say really? It’s more of an exercise in good manners than a genuine show of appreciation. Even now, I’ll admit that I’m not great at sending Thank You cards and still have the circle of procrastination/guilt, but I’m getting better. Because really, sending Thank You notes is something everyone can benefit from and receiving a hand written thank you note can really make someone’s day.

Thank You Cards | Style and Cheek

My trick to staying on top of Thank You cards is to make the process fun. And that starts with the paper. The older I get the more I appreciate high quality paper and stationery. Dan likes to make fun of me because anytime I walk into World Market I can’t resist playing with all their quirky cool paper products. I go and look at cards even when I have nobody to send to a card to. This means that I have a lot of card options at the moment, of all different moods and for all sorts of different people. Picking the right one is not only a lot of fun, it’s another way to add a personal touch to the note you’re sending. Most stationery is fairly cheap so there is no reason you can’t stock up on a few fun options.

Beyond the paper the most obvious way to have fun writing thank you notes is to spice up the presentation. I’m a sucker for gel pens and without them writing anything would be pretty boring. You can also use washi tape or stickers to add extra personality. Cupcakes and Cashmere uses glitter on her cards, which is a great idea. The next time I’m at the craft store I’m going to hit up the glitter section. The point is, writing thank you cards sucked when you were a kid because it was something you had to do, so have fun with it! Turn each card into a mini art project.

Even with all that, let’s admit that those cards are still probably gonna sit in a desk drawer somewhere, unwritten for a little longer than they should. My advice? Put the thank you notes and cards that you have received from other people where you can see them. It’s amazing what a little reminder (ie guilt trip) can do for your productivity.

Thank You Notes | Style and Cheek

Pens and washi tape on the bar | Thank You Cards - Style and Cheek

The Makeup Lady – Pink Makeup

The Makeup Lady

This post may seem redundant but I assure you it’s not. We tackled a similar color and feature with Radiant Orchid but the two colors are hardly the same. The concept of how you wear them is the same, but the two should be treated differently. You could actually combine the two for a full force look. Pink is quickly becoming this springs hottest shade, and as we have seen thus far in April there are many ways to wear the pink trend with your daily fashion. But what if you’re not one to want to wear pink but you like to dabble with your makeup colors? You can easily wear this color in your daily makeup routine without causing a scene. You can simply add this color to your cheeks, eyes, or lips for a new look each day.

Fair skinned beauties should focus on the soft, raspberry hues (light or dark) and olive skin tones and darker should choose peachy pinks and pinky corals. There is a combination for everyone and a product for every skin tone. Consult with your beauty professional on the right shades for your skin, or just play around in Sephora swatching up the back of your hand, or the underside of your arm with every pink imaginable. You are bound to find at least 3-4 products to take home and play around with.  The best thing about the looks I have created below is that you will only need 9 products for all 3 looks. Mix and match to create them all.

Pink Eyes

This may be the trickiest and challenging of the 3 looks. I believe that everyone is fearful at first of applying pink shadow to their eyes. You may have heard stories of how pink makes your eyes look red, you’ve been punched in the eye or you have a bad case of the sickness. Fear not because it’s easy to overcome that stigma and make pink shadow work for you. When applying pink shadow I like to line with a chocolate brown or navy liner to help soften the pink. Stay away from the black because it will only make the eye look more dramatic. Think soft, subtle and natural. Finish off this look with a neutral blush and a soft mauve on the lips. Keep your eyes as the main focus for this look.

Pink Eyeshadow | The Makeup Lady - Pink Makeup

Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner in Chocolate Truffle :: Marvelous Moxie Lip Gloss in Rebel :: MAC Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Da Bling :: NYX Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Birthday Suit :: Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Pink Quartz :: DIOR Show Mascara in Rich Black

Pink Blush

If you’re a fan of blush, this look is for you. Play up your cheeks with a great pink hue. Upgrade from the normal soft pinks and go for something with a bit more drama. Try experimenting with a crème blush so you can pump of the intensity by adding and blending. Keep your eyes super natural with a nude shadow, light mascara and finish off the look with a neutral lip. You want to create a look that helps bring out the natural rosiness in your cheeks.

Pink Blush | The Makeup Lady - Pink Makeup

MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Sweetie :: Marvelous Moxie Lip Gloss in Rebel :: NYX Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Birthday Suit :: Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Pale Pink :: DIOR Show Mascara in Rich Black

Pink Lips

The best look of them all! If you’re a lipstick wearer this may not be too much of a stretch. If you don’t wear lip color (like me) then branching out to a bold pink lip is reserved for special occasions. There are bright, bold, hot pink lip colors and stains to really give you that “WOW” factor.  Or if you want to keep it subtle there are plenty of intense colors made in a gloss form that gives the hint of color without packing too much of a punch. When I wear a bold lip, I like to keep everything else natural and make sure my lips are stealing the show.

Pink Lips | The Makeup Lady - Pink Makeup

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Shine Lipstick in Fuschia In Excess :: NYX Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Birthday Suit :: Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Pink Quartz :: DIOR Show Mascara in Rich Black

- Jamie of The Lady and The Beard

HSWI April 2014

A good rule of thumb with tropical bright colors – if the combo exists in nature, you can probably wear it without looking insane. Toucans and other tropical birds know what they’re doing. But you don’t want to look like a Tommy Bahama ad. We’re talking classy bright color compliments to pink. The colors are bright but you don’t need summer heat to wear these outfits, bring on the brights now!

How She'd Wear It with Style and Cheek - Pink with Brights "Orange"

1. Sabine Pink Glass Stone Necklace

2. Kenneth Jay Lane Slim Bracelet Watch

3. Ivanka Trump ‘Gelana’ Floral Sandal

4. Take a Closer Loop Dress from ModCloth

5. Kate Spade New York Cueva Rosa Stud Earrings

6. O’2ND Collar Pointed Jacket

7. Pretty Ships ‘Bahia’ Print Clutch

Do not be afraid of orange. I have less orange in my closet than any other color but paired with a hot pink dress is one sure fire way to give yourself a mood boost. This jacket will grab people’s attention from across a room, but no matter how bright the orange there’s no doubt that this cute dress is the real showstopper. Throw in some fun floral patterned heels and a Brazilian ‘Bahia’ styled clutch and we’re not only mixing and matching complimentary brights, we’re mixing patterns.

How She'd Wear It with Style and Cheek - Pink with Brights "Blue"

1. Marc By Marc Jacobs Slight Cat Eye Sunglasses

2. Adia Kibur Link Chain Necklace

3. Marc By Marc Jacobs Turnlock Small Katie Bracelet

4. Cambridge Satchel Company The Fluoro 11″ Satchel

5. J.Crew Collection Bonded Merino-Linen Tee

6. J.Crew Drapey Drawstring Pant

7. H&M Double-Layer Top

8. Zara Flat Lattice Sandal

Comfy classy slouchy pants are shimmying their way up my wishlist. I tried a pair on this weekend for the first time and surprisingly they fit great. I’ve always been a fan but now I want to be a participant. I can’t think of a more chic way to stay lady-like but comfortable in the warmer Spring weather. As far as colors – blues and pinks have always been a great combo, with each piece here making the other piece a little brighter. Throw in some chunky gold jewelry, and some shades and you’ll be ready for any daytime spring event from brunch to shopping to horse racing.

- Julia of Style and Cheek

Last year around this time I did a Pinterest Picks about Easter Decorations, but this year I’m focusing exclusively on Easter eggs. I don’t have many memories of decorating Easter eggs as a kid beyond dipping hard-boiled eggs in food dye. Frankly I didn’t care about decorating the real eggs, I was all about the hunt for the fake plastic eggs. Easter egg hunts brought out my competitive side and for me it wasn’t about what was inside the eggs, it was about being a better egg hunter than everyone else.

This year I’ve come across too many cute Easter egg ideas on pinterest and tumblr that I had to share them with you. Beyond food coloring, these ideas take egg decorating in different directions, most of which involve gold. What can I say? I’m digging all things gold, especially the gold and copper leaf used on eggs in tandem with the usual Easter color palette. Some of these egg “recipes” call for string or Washi tape. What a good idea! I always forget to use Washi tape for little projects like this. The gold on the confetti eggs looks so festive paired with Easter pastels. And you don’t even need to have amazing calligraphy skills for the calligraphed eggs because Oh Happy Day has a template you can download with cute little spring sayings for your eggs. That’s super convenient and adorable.

It's DIY Time {Easter Egg Mania} | Miss Renaissance | Pinterest Picks - Decorating Easter Eggs

It’s DIY Time {Easter Egg Mania} | Miss Renaissance

Golden Marbled Easter Eggs DIY | She Knows | Pinterest Picks - Decorating Easter Eggs

Golden Marbled Easter Eggs DIY | She Knows

DIY Confetti Dipped Easter Eggs | Studio DIY | Pinterest Picks - Decorating Easter Eggs

DIY Confetti Dipped Easter Eggs | Studio DIY

Calligraphed Eggs DIY + Free Template | Oh Happy Day | Pinterest Picks - Decorating Easter Eggs

Calligraphed Eggs DIY + Free Template | Oh Happy Day

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