RIP Wasabi-Chan, You Were So Sweet

By Thursday, August 29, 2013 6 Permalink

If you haven’t already heard, sweet little Wasabi-Chan (the kitten in knitted outfits) passed away a few days ago. She was taken to the vet in critical condition but sadly, she didn’t make it.

Wasabi-Chan and Ponzu

Wasabi was rescued by her owners after a crow attacked her and left her in bad condition. She had a hole in her throat, her tongue ripped up, her jaw broken, this little one had been through a lot. As she was healing she had to be fed through a tube, which she hated and would fight against, so the owners put her in little knitted outfits to keep her still during the feeding process. This is what led the internet to fall in love with Wasabi-Chan, but even without the outfits she stole my heart. Watching her grow and get stronger filled me with hope and love and happiness.


I know Wasabi-Chan isn’t suffering anymore and was loved by her owners and buddy Ponzu, but I can’t help but be upset by her death. She was the sweetest little kitten. I loved seeing her huge eyes on Instagram and photos of her cuddling her friend. She was so adored by all her fans and despite her health problems she had heartwarming moments of sweetness and silliness.

Wasabi-Chan and Ponzu