Fancy Friday – Furbish Studio

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Are you someone who painstakingly deliberates on home decor? Taking time to curate and care for each piece that you bring into your home? Yeah, me too. I’m not sure we’d own any furniture at all if Dan didn’t already own a bunch of stuff before we moved in together. It takes me that much time to pull the trigger. But when I find something I absolutely adore I obsess over it until I make it part of my family. Yes, I treat inanimate objects like they’re family.

When I came across the Day of the Dead tray from Furbish Studio I obsessed over it for months. “Should I get it?” I’d ask Dan. “I really love it but do we need it?” A day would go by and I’d show him the tray again, “Isn’t it just so pretty and vibrant? I think we need it.” He agreed. My preciousss. I’ve moved it around the apartment a few times but when I found that Dan was using it as a tray to hold his mail I did not approve and quickly informed him that we do not buy pretty trays just to cover them up with junk!

When I first heard about Furbish Studio, there was no pressure to actually consider what pieces I’d want in my home. It was aspirational because their products are just so unique, artsy, and colorful. I also assumed that everything was going to be out of my price range. But anyway, Furbish Studio just didn’t match up with my mental picture of my future home decor life, which I’ve always felt like could only end up looking like the Pottery Barn catalog. Pottery Barn is beautiful but just not vibrant or crazy. And it turns out the Furbish Studio has a variety of pieces in varying price ranges. I want to say I bought that Day of the Dead tray for about $15, which is a crazy low price for something that makes me smile every time I look at it.

That is why I love Furbish Studio, whenever I browse their site I feel like I’m entering one big party. Colors, patterns, fringe, pom poms! The Day of the Dead tray is just step one, but what I’ve realized is that I can make my home decor life anything I want (so can you). I love neutrals and I will always love the classic style of places like Restoration Hardware, but I also love a little bit of pizzazz. My only wish? That the Furbish Studio storefront was located in Seattle and not Raleigh, NC…but hey, if you live in NC then go check out their store!

Also, check out founder and creative director Jamie Meares’ blog isuwannee and you know, follow her on twitter and Instagram but don’t accidentally friend request her on Facebook when you think you’re liking her blog page like I just did…oops! I’m just a fan Jamie! It was an accident! :) Anyway, check out all the pretty below.

Furbish Studio Veranda Violet Napkin

Furbish Studio Veranda Violet Napkin – Perfect for tea time, cocktail time, springtime, or anytime if you ask me. As a purple fan these are just too pretty to resist.

John Robshaw Nahar Euro Pillow

John Robshaw Nahar Euro Pillow – A gorgeous textile in such pleasant colors. I’m imagining this pillow adorning a comfy little sitting area with a few good books and a cup of tea.

Furbish Studio Evil Eye Lucite Box

Furbish Studio Evil Eye Lucite Box – Love that graphic evil eye design and lucite, the oh so popular material for home decor these days, keeps it modern and fun.

Furbish Studio Herringbone Pom Pom Throw

Furbish Studio Herringbone Pom Pom Throw – I love the pom poms! They’re so cute. And the bold colors really brighten up a room.

Furbish Studio Arches Bowl

Furbish Studio Arches Bowl – Timeless blue and white. I’d throw a cluster of bright green grapes in there just to spice up my snack life.

Furbish Studio Jemina Quilt Red

Furbish Studio Jemina Quilt Red – Such a vibrant red and great duo pattern, this quilt would add some pop as a throw or make a bold statement on a bed. It’s also Dan’s favorite piece.

Furbish Studio Indigo Aishe Vase

Furbish Studio Indigo Aishe Vase – Cobalt blue makes such a statement and looks amazing with flowers of all colors. Filling this beautiful vase with a few peonies equals happiness.

Furbish Studio Fuchsia Spotted Silk Pillow

Furbish Studio Fuchsia Spotted Silk Pillow – This pillow is a great way to add color if you’re a fan of neutral. I’m imagining a neutral or gray bedspread with a few colorful mismatched throw pillows – this included.