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Are you missing human touch? IRL interaction with friends? I hear you. It’s a lonely time. It’s a quiet time. This quarantine feels like the art pieces in which women are lounging with their tits out. Yes, I said it. We’re all living life in repose.

Despite the stress of money or potential illness, this entire situation is forcing a lot of people to lounge. To be still. To live with their thoughts in solitude. It’s an interesting situation. Most days I don’t even wear real pants. Unless I’m grocery shopping or have a video call, I’m likely in loungewear or PJs of some kind. You likely are too.

So I’m chillin’. Is it ideal? No. Do I hate it? …not wearing real pants? God, no. I love not wearing real pants. Or any pants. In fact, I wish I had more lounge pants, which is why we are here today. I’ve put together some of my fave lightweight loungewear. Might as well enjoy the comfy clothes while we can. So while you’re being forced to relax, what are you wearing?

These plant print PJs from Soma Intimates are one of my go-to’s in quarantine. They are the softest, cutest PJs ever. I also have a black PJ set from Soma with shorts and pants, both of which come with pockets! But seeing as the weather is getting warmer, I thought I’d show pretty prints and lightweight options. Unfortunately, this plant print PJ is no longer available but I tried to find as many cute things for you as possible.

Piyama Maggie Pyjama Set Panama Palm

Piyama Lydia Pajama Set – White Cotton


I’m starting with two picks from Piyama, an Australian company, that creates lovely, lightweight pieces. The brand is mostly sleepwear but also has some incredibly beautiful dresses. It’s like living by the ocean. Every day is spent in soft cotton and muted prints.

Desmond & Dempsey SIGNATURE PYJAMA SET Soleia Leopard Print Multi

Desmond & Dempsey SHORT PYJAMA SET The Collector Print Red/Purple

Desmond & Dempsey

Then we have Desmond & Dempsey, which is the opposite of Piyama in that they carry extremely fun and vibrant patterned pajamas. Basically, I love everything about Desmond & Dempsey, from the cute story of a long-distance couple who started a pajama company because she wouldn’t stop wearing his dress shirts, to their exclusive, hand-painted prints inspired by their adventures. I also love that some of the sets come with shorts and long sleeve shirts.

Eberjey Lenny Sleep Tank here are the shorts

Flora Nikrooz Harbor Sleep Set from Anthropologie


Anthropologie has been my go-to for finding amazing pajamas for years. The only problem is that they sell out so quickly! I’d spot an awesome print and then it would be sold out the next day, so today we’re going with the gray options that are super cute. One from Eberjay, another favorite brand, that’s going to be perfect for summer. And another from Flora Nikrooz which is new to me but I like the lounge feel and super cozy fabric.

ASOS DESIGN Mix & Match Shirt and Short in Lemon Print

ASOS DESIGN Ditsy Floral Traditional Pyjama Set


I had to put ASOS in here because I use ASOS’s free shipping and returns and it makes it so easy to buy a bunch of stuff and return it if it doesn’t fit. Plus, I knew they’d have some really cute prints for PJs. You can’t deny that lemon print.

Printfresh Monkey Business Short Sleep Set – Amethyst

Printfresh Eyes of the World Pajama Shorts – Blush


Pinterest introduced me to Printfresh as I was putting together this blog post. It’s as if it knew I was looking for sick printed PJs! Creepy, yet helpful. Either way, Printfresh definitely delivers when it comes to unique prints. Two of my favorites are seen above. However, one of the pajamas I was eyeing from Anthropologie was actually from Printfresh and now it’s back in stock so yippie to that!

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