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Faux wrap dress outfit - Urban Outfitters Kimchi Blue Ballet Surplice Dress, Moorea Seal Jewelry 3

Kimchi Blue Ballet Surplice Dress from Urban Outfitters // Velvet Choker from Moorea Seal (c/o) // Small Raw Crystal Pyrite Cuff from Moorea Seal (c/o) // Super Moon Ring from Moorea Seal (c/o) // Classic Stacking Ring from Moorea Seal (c/o) // Twisted Stacking Ring from Moorea Seal (c/0) // Tapered Open Ring from Moorea Seal (c/o) // Vince Camuto Court Ankle Strap Sandal

I’ve done a few photoshoots now with photographers Shaun and Tori and so far so good! I think we’re getting more into the groove. They both have a lot of ideas on how to stand, what they think will look good, how not to pose, etc. and that is very helpful.

This was our first shoot without Tori, and it was at times tough because of the weather but I think we got some really nice shots. I was constantly struggling with either keeping my skirt from coming up or my hair tamed or both. Ah, wind, you bastard. And then it started raining which did not help my awkwardness. At one point Shaun tried to get me to do a sassy model walk and he just laughed at me and was like, “ok, let’s try something else.” I swear I’m getting better, you guys! Thankfully Shaun is very patient and enjoys trying a bunch of things to make sure we get the shot.

Thank you again Shaun Turley Photography for the photos. :)

Faux wrap dress outfit - Urban Outfitters Kimchi Blue Ballet Surplice Dress, Moorea Seal Jewelry 9

I got whistled at by a construction worker for the first time in my life during this shoot. There were a ton, A TON of construction workers walking on the other side of the street and it was already awkward and then came a LOUD whistle. It was a new and weird experience. Not the most enjoyable. And then some guy yelled out his car window at me. I don’t know what he said because I was busy trying to look pretty for the camera.

But yeah…I didn’t enjoy. Dear construction worker, what are you trying to accomplish with your cat call? Maybe there are girls out there who would take that with a smile, but I think it would make most of us self-conscious and uncomfortable. I wouldn’t wear what I was wearing if I didn’t think it looked good, and I’m over here going about my business, you should do the same. And I know that I was wearing a dress and heels which gets more attention than jeans and a tee, but it makes me wonder what other girls are dealing with when they try to do outfit shoots. Any stories you readers would like to share? Or advice to other girls who may encounter this? Comments?

Faux wrap dress outfit - Moorea Seal Jewelry

Faux wrap dress outfit - Small Raw Crystal Pyrite Cuff from Moorea Seal

Anyway, about the outfit. I’m in love with this small raw crystal pyrite cuff from Moorea Seal. It’s gorgeous! And sparkly! And dark! And currently my favorite piece of jewelry. Oh hey look, more rings. I couldn’t stop myself from expanding my ring collection. The tapered open ring is a great thumb ring and I got some twisted stacking rings so I could wear a midi ring on both hands for drama. Forget arm parties, I’m all about the rings.

Faux wrap dress outfit - Urban Outfitters Kimchi Blue Ballet Surplice Dress, Moorea Seal Jewelry

I like the idea of dresses but find it hard to find ones that I love or are flattering. I ordered this pretty purple faux wrap dress from Urban Outfitters around the same time I ordered the Free People With Love dress because I was needing a go-to basic, comfortable dress that could work for all occasions. Plus, wrap dresses are flattering on pretty much all body types. The dress has since sold out but I’m digging their Kimchi Blue options and almost went with this plunging cap sleeve midi dress but didn’t want to deal with not wearing a bra. Plus, my purple wrap dress is cotton and I can machine wash it. Woot woot. Easy.

Faux wrap dress outfit - Urban Outfitters Kimchi Blue Ballet Surplice Dress, Moorea Seal Jewelry 4

I’m still trying to find the dress shape I feel most “me” in. Fit and flare styles work with my body type and are easier to find because I’m smaller on top than on bottom but I still run into problems with having broad shoulders. I also am not as into the girly feeling of fit and flare and wrap dresses. Even the boho style dresses I’ve worn on the blog don’t quite feel like me. I’m not against wearing dresses, I just haven’t found the style that fits my personality.

Do you ever feel like your body type and your personality don’t match up? The one dress shape I think feels right and looks good is the boss ass bitch fitted LBD type dresses. It’s also the kind of dress that shows all the sins. Like this Zara tube dress or this Zara tube dress with a nice secretary style neckline. Or some fantasy land Tom Ford LBD sexiness. But then again, they aren’t as practical and wearable as a wrap dress, which I’ve already worn multiple times and plan on wearing a lot more when the weather is warm.

And besides the jewelry, that throw-back to the 90s choker is how I made this dress feel more like me. I’ve always enjoyed a good ribbon around the neck. Evocative. Odd. Sassy. Moorea Seal has a few chokers available but I went with thin velvet. I like that it draws your eye right to it and it is an easy way to spice up a look. Sometimes you just need more SASS.

Faux wrap dress outfit - Urban Outfitters Kimchi Blue Ballet Surplice Dress, Moorea Seal Jewelry 7

Faux wrap dress outfit - Urban Outfitters Kimchi Blue Ballet Surplice Dress, Moorea Seal Jewelry 6

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  • Allegra Liu
    April 28, 2016

    Beautiful color on you and I love all the jewelry. The whistling and catcalls are definitely not cool and apparently a worldwide epidemic: http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2015/05/28/street-harassment-catcalls-study/ I remember being harassed by a couple of grown men in a car when I was walking back to my parent’s business from the library when I was in junior high. It just makes you feel awkward and uncomfortable as hell. I don’t know if there is a great solution other than trying to raise awareness that this is not ok behavior.

    • Julia Amodt
      April 28, 2016

      Thank you! And thanks for commenting, Allegra! :) Yeah, it really makes you feel awkward and uncomfortable and to me like I’m doing something wrong rather than right. I agree, awareness is really the key. You’d think it would be common sense but I think a lot of it is from previous generations. I’m hoping guys are learning that it’s not ok now that people are speaking up about it.

  • Casey Dressed To Code
    September 29, 2016

    Boo to catcalls, yes to body type not always lining up with style. I love “menswear” (hate the name) and might live in button fronts and suits if I could ever find some that stayed buttoned in the front!

    • Julia Amodt
      September 29, 2016

      That’s a good post to explore, finding button downs that stay buttoned (and are also flattering). The great search! After a bit of research I found Teddy Stratford, a mens brand that actually has a concealed zipper. It’s made for men with broader chests and slimmer waists, BUT they’re said to fit women better than regular mens shirts.

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