Hart of Dixie S2 Episode 1 “The Aftermath”

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And it begins! Hart of Dixie recaps with Julia and Dan. Sadly, I don’t have the same camera that I used for the previous recaps but we’ll make do. Dan’s prediction: that the show gets cancelled at the end of this season. Thanks Dan, thanks a lot for that positive prediction. Now let’s take a look at what the crazy people of Bluebell are up to now that George and Lemon split.

Wade and Zoe in bed | Hart of Dixie The Aftermath

Uh oh Wade slept over. Am I the only one who thought he would boink and run? It seems like TV land doctors are always holding in so much anxiety, that when they get some action that they can never fully enjoy it. Zoe’s problem? Do I pick wishy-washy Wade or boring nice guy George? Hmmmm.

Lemon is cray cray | Hart of Dixie The Aftermath

Psycho Lemon is still psycho. It is really strange how everyone who is coddling Lemon is also terrified of her. She’s crazy but how is this woman scary? It turns out that Lemon has never had a job, has no credit, and basically no control over her own life. And yet, everyone is afraid of her. Except Annabeth, who (gasp!) doesn’t seem to care what anyone thinks of her – more Annabeth in Season 2 please!

Lavon wisdom | Hart of Dixie The Aftermath

I liked Lavon’s reaction to Zoe’s night with Wade/kiss with George – “And how’d that go for you?” Wise Lavon is wise. Zoe’s response grossed Dan and I out, “I finally found out what R Kelly has been singing about all these years.” Um, gross. Anyone else thinking about piss right now? Wise Lavon tell’s Zoe to “Be honest with both of them before it blows up in your face.” But as usual she gives him the side-eye. Naughty minx.

Georgie | Hart of Dixie The Aftermath

George finds out that Zoe slept with Wade after giving his,”I made this grand gesture of love and expected you to be holding out for me even though I gave you no clue that I would all of a sudden pick you.”  Sudden does not equal grand! Sudden often equals stupid. Dan had this to say about it –  That would be so screwed up if she didn’t choose him after pining for him the whole first season – (in whiny female voice that I guess is supposed to be Rachel Bilson) “ooh George Tucker this and George Tucker that.”

Wade shirtless | Hart of Dixie The Aftermath

“His shirt is going to be off nonstop all season now” – Dan. Personally, I’d say his shirtless self is a B, B-. We see that Wade is still just as immature as he was when Zoe was hooked on George. Dan finds this entertaining but I’ve sadly lost interest in their banter…they sealed the deal too quick! Now the tension is gone. Other HOD fan thoughts on this?

Brick Breeland and Emily | Hart of Dixie The Aftermath

Ah Brick Breeland and Emily – a little love for the older people. Dan’s immediate response to this scene: “Don’t invite her in! Now she can come in whenever she wants! …Um, it seems someone is a little excited for The Vampire Diaries.

Lemon with cute sunglasses | Hart of Dixie The Aftermath

Lemon refuses to be a personal assistant and why would she if she can afford such amazing sunglasses. They’re awesome, I want them but can’t find them. Oh wait, she can’t afford them. But her Daddy can…

Ruby | Hart of Dixie The Aftermath

Lemon and new character Ruby have a very terse interaction. Lemon’s new nemesis maybe? Unlike Lemon, Ruby has “Been cursed with blinding ambition.” Good for you girl. Ruby was an instant least favorite for Dan. I guess the woman is a pretty good actress because she’s very convincing at playing a self-satisfied possible nutso.

Zoe gets spilled on | Hart of Dixie The Aftermath

It turns out that Lavon dated Ruby back in high school and he must be scared of her or something because his reaction when she walks in is to douse Zoe’s white shirt in wine. It’s a cute shirt too! (Zoe’s shirt is the Joie Reena Silk Top and is still available at Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdale’s) Looks like Ruby IS going to be sticking around for a while to make life more difficult for Lavon. Well at least he’s going to get more screen time!

Ruby and Lavon | Hart of Dixie The Aftermath

“Oh great, another psycho,” – Dan. This whole Ruby and Lavon thing is weird. He seems to not want her here and I suspect she’s hiding her truly scary nature. Dan is wondering if Lemon and Lavon will date, but will there be a little love triangle between Ruby, Lavon and Lemon? Poor Annabeth, never getting her chance with Lavon.

Lemon and Zoe | Hart of Dixie The Aftermath

Oddly enough, there isn’t any tension between Lemon and Zoe, so now what? They can’t be friends right? Do they join forces somehow? I don’t get what’s going to happen and I’m worried. Unless it has to do with Ruby. Zoe wants to be friends with Ruby and Lemon hates Ruby so then maybe Lemon will blame Zoe for all her problems again?

Zoe telling Georgie to date other people | Hart of Dixie The Aftermath

Zoe wears a dress that is too big for her petite frame and tells George that she cannot be his rebound. Good job Zoe. Even more than that she tells George to go date other people and “get around” before he decides that she’s the one for him. I feel like she’s telling him to go get more experience based on her night with Wade because she thinks George will be boring in bed. Ammiright? (EDIT: Zoe is wearing the Of Two Minds Darby Gypsy Print Dress and later dons the Acne Mape Petite Stamped Leather Biker Jacket when she hooks up with Wade)

Below I’ve put together the products that were worn on Hart of Dixie that are still available. Sizes/colors may vary but many of the items are on sale so check them out. P.S. the Joie top Zoe wore in this episode is the same top that Emily wore in Revenge.


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